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NFL Power Rankings: Falcons Take a Small Tumble in SBNation Rankings

The Atlanta Falcons move down two spots in the most recent rankings.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We return to the SBNation power rankings this week to look at the Falcons, who fell two spots after last week's loss to the Saints. With a gutsy win over a good team, especially since the Falcons suffered six major injuries, surely they've moved up or stayed in the same spot!

No, of course not.

9. Atlanta Falcons

LW: 7

The Falcons don't have a running game to speak of right now. That's probably keeping Mike Smith up at night, sweating over the idea of throwing more than two passes per game more than 15 yards down the field. No, wait, it's probably the injury to Kroy Biermann keeping him up at night, right when his defense was starting play well.

I don't agree with this, obviously. If the Patriots, who have two extremely unimpressive wins over lousy football teams, come in at fifth the Falcons should be right behind them for one close win and one close game against quality football teams. But oh well. Just one ranking.

If the Falcons pull off a win against the Dolphins this weekend, expect to see this tick up.

Where would you put the Falcons in your own Power Rankings?

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