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Roddy White Injury: Receiver, Falcons Starters Ready To Go Today

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There's no question he'll be somewhat limited, but Roddy White is active today. Thankfully, so are Julio Jones, Sam Baker, Asante Samuel, Sean Weatherspoon and Jonathan Babineaux.

It was a scary injury report this week, and I can't promise you with a straight face that everyone's going to be 100% today. The important thing is that the Falcons have all their starters on the field for this one, giving them the best possible chance to win against the Rams. Whether White can make an impact or whether he'll just be a decoy remains to be seen, but on the defensive side of the ball in particular, having Babs, Asante and 'Spoon back makes life much more difficult for Sam Bradford and the Rams offense.

Weigh in on the injury report! Open thread's landing shortly.

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