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One Falcon To Watch: Matt Ryan

It's a big game for the starting quarterback.

Chris Graythen

In a game like this, with the pressure to avoid an 0-2 start and a handful of injuries, there are many Falcons you could choose for this honor. Today I'm going with Matt Ryan.

It's not tough to figure out why. Ryan has a shaky offensive line, a limited Roddy White and a blistering pass rush that's likely to be in his face all day long. In a tough game, having a great quarterback can make a huge difference. There's no question Ryan's going to have to at least flirt casually with greatness in this one.

Look for Ryan to get rid of the ball fast, utilize screens and hopefully use the no-huddle to his advantage. I think the defense will surprise people today and that this is a winnable game, but if Ryan's getting slammed to the turf and making mistakes, it's fair to say that Atlanta has problems.

Watch Ryan closely and hope for a great game despite the adverse circumstances.

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