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The Falcoholic Expert Picks: Week 2

The Falcons will win this weekend, per everyone.

Dilip Vishwanat

The start of the 2013 season was unfortunate. Atlanta fought down to the wire at the Super Dome, and while they didn't come away with a victory, at least there are no more trips to New Orleans ahead.

It's a tight race out of the gates for Picker of the Year. We included tonight's game, Sunday night and Monday night on the list this week. Here are our picks for Week 2.

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Everyone took the Falcons (thankfully, no more arguments here). Caleb was the only one brave enough to take the Seahawks, and Dave went out on a limb with the Bucs. They just lost to the Jets. C'mon, man.

The Panthers-Bills matchup was probably the toughest call, in my opinion. Carolina didn't look great against Seattle, but it was still a five-point game. I think Cam Newton gets the offense rolling a bit in Week 2.

Who do you have in these games?

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