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NFL Power Rankings: Falcons Stay In The Top Ten

The SBN power rankings are out.

Dilip Vishwanat

Everyone's got a favorite set of power rankings. My completely biased pick would be SBNation's, and they were pretty kind to the Falcons this week.

7. Atlanta Falcons

LW: 5

The Falcons-Saints rivalry is one of my favorites in the NFL right now, one that actually features hard-fought football games. Even against last season's historically inept Saints defense, these two teams split the series. That makes it hard to decide if the Saints defense is really as good as it was last week or if the Falcons offensive line was really as bad as it looked.

This sounds about right. The Falcons should be moved down based on that performance against the Saints, because there are legitimate concerns. They shouldn't freefall, though, given that they lost to a NFC contender by a narrow margin.

The biggest surprise on this list? That would be the Pats moving up despite barely beating the Bills last week. Oh, New England. You get so much credit.

Your thoughts on these and other power rankings?

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