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Falcons Practice Squad: Atlanta Selects Eight Players

The Atlanta Falcons practice squad is set for 2013.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons have traditionally cultivated talent on the practice squad, whether it be Brent Grimes or Drew Davis, so it's worth watching the eight players who are selected each year. The 2013 Falcons practice squad is now set.

This a good, solid squad the whole way through. Here's a brief breakdown of each one, and why he may have made the final eight.

  • Patrick DiMarco is here because Bradie Ewing isn't necessarily the healthiest fullback in football. He showed flashes of impressive blocking ability and should be solid insurance.
  • Seth Doege is here as the team's third quarterback. Sean Renfree is on IR, of course, so the Falcons needed someone to have on hand in case of emergencies.
  • Darius Johnson earned this spot with an excellent preseason. He's got great hands and could crack the bottom of the depth chart at receiver within the next year or two.
  • Jordan Mabin is a promising young cornerback, and the Falcons can never have enough of those. Dominique Franks has plenty to prove this season and Asante Samuel may only be in Atlanta for another year or two, so it's worth having someone to build up along the way.
  • Phillipkeith Manley has a ton of raw talent and is a potential mauler as a right guard, so it's not surprising to see him stick here. Look for the Falcons to try to develop him into a useful reserve, at minimum.
  • Adam Replogle showed great strength and the ability to push the pocket, even if his run-stopping needs some work. Keep in mind that the top three defensive tackles on this depth chart are set to be free agents next year, so Replogle has a legitimate shot to crack the rotation a year from now.
  • James Rodgers has some special teams ability and excellent speed. The Falcons want to keep developing him and see if he can turn into a useful fifth receiver/returner option.
  • Mickey Schuler is a 26-year-old tight end who can block a little and catch a little. He's on hand in case of an injury.

So that's your 2013 Atlanta Falcons practice squad. What do you think of it?

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