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The Atlanta Falcons Starting Lineups, Pre-Week 1

A closer look at who the Falcons are likely to start ahead of the New Orleans Saints game.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons come into the season with high hopes and equally high expectations. It'll be on the shoulders of the starters and the coaching staff to meet them.

Given that, it's critical the Falcons put together their strongest possible starting lineup. With my computer-like brain (it runs MS-DOS) and long experience with the Falcons, I've decided to put together what I believe will be the starting lineup for the Falcons in Week 1.

I didn't list Matt Bryant, Matt Bosher and Josh Harris. That's just assumed. I'm also on the road, so if the Falcons have signed someone who makes this moot in any way before I can edit it, just make fun of me as usual.


QB Matt Ryan
RB Steven Jackson
FB Bradie Ewing
WR Roddy White
WR Julio Jones
TE Tony Gonzalez
LT Sam Baker
LG Justin Blalock
C Peter Konz
RG Garrett Reynolds
RT Lamar Holmes


DE Osi Umenyiora
DE Kroy Biermann
DT Corey Peters
DT Jonathan Babineaux

OLB Sean Weatherspoon
MLB Akeem Dent
OLB Stephen Nicholas
CB Asante Samuel
CB Desmond Trufant
FS Thomas DeCoud
SS William Moore

Please note that this is about as tame a list of starters as you're likely to find. I do expect Biermann to get his first snaps at DE, but he, Peters and Babineaux are going to move around so much that you can rearrange this half a dozen ways and probably get the "starters" for a couple of games right.

Your predictions?

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