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Falcons-Bengals Post Game Thread

Fact: Paul Worrilow could have just played defense by himself tonight, but that's against the rules

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well that didn't go particularly well. In fact, it went way worse than I expected it to. While it is the preseason, you'd like to see our backups playing a little better. The team, on the whole, lacked urgency and some players looked a little lost out there. But that said, I'm not reading into the final score, because frankly, it just doesn't matter. The team will go back to work tomorrow, and the Falcons have a history of looking downright lost in the preseason.

There were some highlights, and we will have extensive analysis for the Falcohol-chugging masses tomorrow. Of particular concern is the inconsistent offensive line play. Lamar Holmes had flashes, and Ryan Shraeder looked good backing up Sam Baker, but that unit is far from cohesive. I'm quite sure they can figure something out, but it's likely to involve the addition of a free agent.

For now, discuss the ups, downs, and Dominique Franks' horrible pass defense. How'd the Falcons look?What are your concerns?

Ready? Set? Discuss!