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Falcons preseason Week 1 injury update

Go away, injuries. You're not welcome.


It feels like ACL injuries are abundant at this point in the preseason, but that's the nature of the NFL. The Falcons have evaded of those issues so far, but a few key players have suffered setbacks in the early stages of training camp.

Let's take a look at the news surrouding the Falcons injuries today.

Sean Weatherspoon

D. Led from the AJC said on the radio this morning he expects 'Spoon to be back sometime around Week 3 of the preseason. Weatherspoon suffered an open dislocation to a finger on his left hand, which means the bone broke the skin (sorry for the mental image).

The wound was closed up, but D. Led said the Falcons' biggest concern is the possibility of infection. We've all seen how long it took Rob Gronkowski to get over the infection is his forearm, just to cite an example. Atlanta can be precautious about the situation because 'Spoon has a good grasp on how things run around here. Would they like him to be out practicing? Sure. Is it imperative he plays the entire preseason? Of course not. He'll be fine.

Julio Jones

Jones isn't playing the preseason opener against the Bengals, that's already been confirmed. Apparently both of his hamstrings are ailing. Hamstring issues continue to plague his young career, but as long as he plays in the regular season, the Falcons shouldn't worry. They're monitoring his workload as they go.

Mike Johnson

If it wasn't apparent from the news last night, Johnson won't be playing for quite some time. Adam Schefter tweeted this morning that Johnson is expected to miss the remainder of the year. So, there's that tidbit to thwart any lingering optimism from all of you. He's set to undergo surgery next week after suffering a dislocated ankle and fibula fracture.

Bradie Ewing

He's still missing action with an undisclosed injury.

We'll keep you updated as the preseason moves forward. Thoughts/concerns/panicked outbursts?