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Peter Konz Loving Move Back to Center

Fact: Peter Konz won the Tour de France but he was disqualified for riding a unicycle


Mike Johnson's gruesome and season-ending injury probably has you discouraged about the Falcons' offensive line. But rest assured, while losing Johnson doesn't help the cause, the Falcons have time to adjust. Meanwhile, Peter Konz is really digging his move back to center.

“It feels really good (to be back at center)," he said Tuesday. "I played there throughout college, so when I came here I had to make an adjustment playing guard. So now that I’m back at center, it’s like getting on a bike — you never forget.”

For the record, I'd pay to watch Peter Konz ride a bike. I imagine it's akin to one of those circus bears riding a bike. Funny stuff.

Seriously though, Konz has big shoes to fill. Todd McClure kept us from worrying about competent center play for more than a decade. I cannot overstate what he did for the Falcons. But it's nice that Konz is adjusting so well. Kudos to Thomas Dimitroff for drafting a natural center in the 2nd round of the draft. He did that notwithstanding the inevitable criticism he stood to receive, and it seems to be working out.

Your thoughts?