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Falcons' First Unofficial Depth Chart Released

Fact: Mike Smith once started a fire using dental floss and water

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons released their first "unofficial" depth chart about an hour ago. Screw the proverbial grain of salt; go find yourself a salt shaker, then throw it out the window.

The Falcons on Monday night released their first unofficial depth chart of the preseason, giving fans an idea of who may be in the lead in position battles as the team heads into its first exhibition game Thursday night against Cincinnati.

I can see you Chase Coffman lovers now, just smirking away like Dave with a full case of Milwaukee's Best in hand. But we don't even have the Cincinnati game under our belts. There's a month plus of preseason to go, lots can change. These position battles haven't concluded, nor will they for some time. Many of the so-called "second stringers" won't even make this team.

Your thoughts? How will the depth chart change between now and week one? Discuss!