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NFL Roster Cuts 2013: Falcons Can Pick Up Waived Players After 24 Hours

Just so you know, Falcons fans.

Kevin C. Cox

I'm sure you're watching the cascade of cuts from around the league and identifying a few players you would like the Falcons to take a closer look at. Don't worry, I'm doing exactly the same thing.

The question becomes, how quickly can the Falcons try to pick these guys up? As it turns out, the rule here is pretty simple: The players sit out there for 24 hours, and then teams can begin signing them.

That means if you saw, say, Jermaine Cunningham released at 3 p.m. today, he'll be in waiver purgatory until 3 p.m. tomorrow. Then the Falcons can take a swing at him.

The only exception would be vested veterans, who have no such waiting period. If the Falcons really want one of these guys, they can do it RIGHT NOW.

Who do you think the Falcons will sign, if anyone?

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