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2013 NFL Roster Cuts: Noteworthy Cuts From Around The League

While we wait for the Falcons to make their cuts, here's who has received the axe elsewhere.


The Atlanta Falcons are taking their sweet time to make cuts today, but plenty of other teams have kept busy. Here's a look at some intriguing potential free agent options for the Falcons, as well as generally surprising cuts.

The Cuts

  • G Danny Watkins. The Eagles' 2011 first round pick looked like a colossal bust, battling injuries and ineffectiveness throughout his two seasons with Philadelphia. He's not young, unfortunately, but you can bet some team is going to roll the dice and see if they can turn him into a useful player.

    Kinda doubt that team will be the Falcons.
  • TE Clay Harbor. The Falcons actually have some strong pieces at tight end, or I'd be interested enough to take a shot. Harbor has real talent, but he's about as inconsistent as they come and he drops way too many passes. Again, some team will take a shot.
  • T Andrew Datko. One of my sleeper picks for the Falcons in last year's draft, Datko gave up two sacks in the Packers' preseason finale and got himself cut. I still think he has enough talent to be a useful swing tackle in the NFL, and I hope the Falcons at least kick the tires.
  • ST Kassim Osgood. Osgood is a special teams whiz who doesn't have an offensive role to play, much like Eric Weems. If the Falcons are unsatisfied with their special teams unit, Osgood can be a major help. He might be worth burning a roster spot on.
  • S Tyler Sash. Not the speediest guy in the league, but the now-former Giants safety is a sound tackler with some upside. The Falcons could potentially grab him and stash one of their rookie safeties on the practice squad to make room.
  • WR Ramses Barden. A big, slow possession receiver who has enough hops and size to make him a legitimate red zone threat. The Falcons haven't been able to make that type of receiver work that well for them in the past, but Ramses could probably be a decent fourth receiver.
  • DTs Ron Brace and Sione Fua. Both touted defensive tackles who failed to live up to expectations. If the Falcons want more depth there and can't sign Richard Seymour, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to see if they can turn one of these guys into something.
  • LB Jermaine Cunningham. The 12th (!) second round pick of the Bill Belichick era not to get a second contract. Cunningham has loads of talent and is just 24, but he's never played all that well. Might be worth a tire-kicking.

Your thoughts on these free agents? I'll try to update as news comes in.

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