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Falcons vs. Jaguars 2013: The Game That Determines the Falcons' Receiving Depth Chart

Fact: You can see Darius Johnson's charisma from space.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

One through three on the Falcons' receiving depth chart is a no brainer, at least this season. Going into the season, Roddy White is the number one. In terms of sheer production, Julio Jones has a good chance to eclipse him this season. For now though, he's the number two. If I'm Harry Douglas, losing a grip on the third receiver role is something I'm acutely aware of. But for now, he has the job.

The fourth and fifth receiver jobs are up in the air. Drew Davis has certainly done enough to make the team, but there's no guarantee he will see significantly more snaps than whomever nabs that last spot. This, of course, assumes the Falcons only carry 5 receivers. Given how infrequent fourth and fifth receiver targets are in this offense, I can't envision a scenario where the Falcons carry a sixth receiver.

So who will nab that last spot? Kevin Cone has a distinct advantage. He's been in this offense before, and the coaches know him. He's also a very skilled blocker, which pays dividends in both the running game and on special teams. But who can ignore the athletic freak that is Darius Johnson? He's a darn fine receiver, but like it or not, the Falcons may not value his particular skill set in a fifth receiver. Given his obvious talent, he will never make it to the practice squad, which may force the Falcons' hand if they think he has the potential to supplant Harry Douglas in the slot.

In any case, this game will sort out the receiving position battle. Keep a close eye on the play of Drew Davis, Kevin Jone, and Darius Johnson. Martel Moore and James Rodgers obviously deserve to be where they are, but it seems they're on the outside looking in at this point.

Your thoughts?