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One Falcon To Watch: Joplo Bartu

The rookie undrafted linebacker is trying to stick on the Falcons' final roster.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons play their final preseason game tonight, and there will be plenty of players worth watching. There's probably close to 10 roster spots that aren't completely locked down and a couple dozen guys vying for them, so things might get a little crazy.

That said, the one guy to watch is Joplo Bartu.

I know, I know. I've chosen two UDFA linebackers for these "One Falcon To Watch" features in just four weeks of preseason. That's because Bartu and Paul Worrilow have been standout players, with Bartu drawing so much attention that his inclusion on the practice squad in my roster projection brought out a few pitchforks and torches. That may even have been warranted.

To sum it up: Bartu is an insanely athletic linebacker who has gotten a chance with the first team at times this preseason, and all signs point to him being an asset down the line. What we don't know is whether he'll play a major role this year and what his upside is, but given that he's going to get all the snaps he can handle tonight against the Jaguars, we may just find it.

So watch Bartu. How do you think he'll fare, and where will he and Worrilow end up?

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