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Blank Confident Site Deal Done Within Two Weeks

Fact: the police often question Arthur Blank, just because they find him interesting

More stadium drama for Dave's momma folks. This is starting to feel like a 90 minute Disney movie where the Falcons are the antagonists. All that's missing are some dead puppies.

In case you're out of the loop, Mount Vernon Baptist Church is all that stands between the Falcons and their new stadium site. The other church they'll need to level at issue has already settled on a compensation figure. Talks with Mount Vernon recently broke down, but according to Arthur Blank, a resolution should come to fruition shortly.

To complete the deal for the south site, the Georgia World Congress Center Authority would still need to reach an agreement with a separate church, Mount Vernon Baptist Church. Those talks broke down Aug. 1. Afterward, the state authority said it would explore the other potential site north of the current Georgia Dome.

"We want these churches to do what's in their best interest; not in our best interest," Blank told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

If, for some reason, the Falcons aren't able to settle on a deal with Mount Vernon, there's an alternate site, but it's not Kasim Reed's preferred site. The clock is ticking, because a feasibility study must be completed by October 1st of this year.

To be clear, I'm not entirely opposed to the new stadium. It's just unfortunate that we have tear down two churches to make it a reality. Obviously those churches can rebuild, and obviously they have all the bargaining position right now. I think Blank's pretty saavy, otherwise he wouldn't have the ridiculous amount of money he has. In other words, this isn't his first rodeo folks, he's got this.

Your thoughts?

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