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Falcons vs. Jaguars Injury Report

An injury report for the Atlanta Falcons, ahead of Thursday night's Jaguars preseason game.


The Atlanta Falcons have had their fair share of injuries thus far in preseason, but thankfully relatively few of them have been major.

Here's a closer look at who has been injured and their status as the Jaguars game and the regular season approach.

Mike Johnson

Status: Out indefinitely

Johnson was supposed to compete for the right tackle job with Lamar Holmes. One really unfortunate injury has wiped that all out, and now Holmes is all but the undisputed starter, with only UDFA Ryan Schraeder behind him at the moment. The Falcons would at least have more experienced depth if this hadn't happened. Easily the worst injury of the preseason.

Asante Samuel

Status: Back for Week 1

Samuel was having a thigh issue, which is why Robert Alford was in the game doing his best impression of a baked potato left in the microwave for a half hour. It was mostly a precaution.

All signs are that Samuel will be fine for the start of the regular season, meaning the Falcons will roll out a starting three of Samuel, Desmond Trufant and Robert McClain.

Stephen Nicholas

Status: Back for Week 1

The veteran linebacker may be in limbo, but chances are good he's starting Week 1. He should be healthy by then.

Peria Jerry

Status: Back for Week 1

Jerry will also be back in action. He avoided a serious injury to his jaw, meaning the popular (ha!) rotational defensive tackle should be in line for plenty of snaps against the Saints.

Roddy White

Status: Back for Week 1

Like you're going to keep Roddy White out of a Saints game.

So that's where we stand on major injuries right now. As long as the starters stay off the field, we should be able to roll with this.

Your thoughts on injuries?

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