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Falcons Release Updated Depth Chart

The latest version of the Falcons' depth chart is now available.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

In preparation for their final preseason game this Thursday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Falcons have released an updated depth chart with some notable changes.

First of all, in comparing last week's depth chart with the current version, you'll note the absence of the players cut by the team to pare the roster down to the league-required 75 men. Included in that group was linebacker Nick Clancy, who had promise, but was simply outplayed by Paul Worrilow, who has moved into the backup spot for the strong side linebacker position, behind Stephen Nicholas. Interestingly enough, Joplo Bartu got significant playing time with the first string against the Titans last Saturday in Nicholas' place, though he continues to be listed third on the depth chart on the weak side, behind Sean Weatherspoon and Robert James.

The recent cuts primarily fell along the far end of last week's depth chart, meaning there weren't many surprises. Clancy was an exception, as well as running back Donald Russell, who was listed ahead of Ronnie Wingo heading into the Titans game, but fell prey to the first round of cuts while Wingo was retained. Receiver Marcus Jackson was also somewhat of a surprise based on his position on last week's depth chart. Last week Jackson was listed third at his position, behind Drew Davis and Roddy White, and Jackson was cut while James Rodgers and Darius Johnson were retained.

Thursday's game against the Jaguars is critical for the guys at the back of the depth chart. With the next--and final--deadline for roster cuts looming on August 31, based on the current depth chart information, what do you think the final roster will look like?

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