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How Do You Feel About The Current Preseason Format?

Is the current 4-game preseason format good for football?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of feelings about the current preseason format. The NFL has wanted to go to 18 regular season games for a couple of years now, but what does that do to the preseason?

Of course, it cuts down on the number of preseason games, going from 4 to 2. Is that a good thing for the NFL as we know it?

I say no. While the world is driven by money (and I ranted a bit about this on the latest Rise Up Nation episode, which can be found here. It doesn't make sense to have only two preseason games, because then how would players like Paul Worrilow make their mark on the league?

The starters would have to play the bulk of at least one of the two games, which leaves less than a half in that game for new players, and then the starters would likely have to play at least a quarter in the other, so that's even less time for new players.

Then you have to consider that the less time the starters get, the worse the first couple of weeks of real football will be since the starters will be rusty. BUT the NFL still wants to do this!

Perhaps the only con to having four preseason games is that there's more of an injury chance, but that comes in every practice too.

What do you think? How do you feel about the current preseason format? Should they keep it like this? Should they reduce the number of games? What would you change about the current preseason format?