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Falcons Undrafted Free Agents Still Trying to Make an Impression Before the First Round of Cuts

Fact: A rattlesnake once hit Joplo Bartu - after six days of horrific pain, the rattlesnake finally died.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With three preseasons games in the books, the first round of cuts are looming. And if you're one of the many undrafted free agents the Falcons brought aboard earlier this year, then your days as a Falcon may be numbered. Literally.

I'll say this: the Falcons front office did an incredible job scouting some very solid players. There's a wealth of talent in this year's undrafted free agent class. And that's not a coincidence. At best, only a few of these guys will actually make it on the final roster, but kudos to Thomas Dimitroff and company. Right now, three players stand out to me - Darius Johnson, Paul Worrilow, and Joplo Bartu.

Darius Johnson intrigues me to no end. He's quick, he's athletic, and according to some reports, his tears cure cancer. But he's so darn small. Even so, he's incredibly durable, meaning the man, notwithstanding his size, can take a hit. You witnessed firsthand Johnson's incredible athleticism last night, when he reeled in a 41 yard touchdown pass from Dominique Davis. Assuming the coaching staff values his receiving abilities over Kevin Cone's blocking abilities, he could make this team. I have no doubt he's capable, it's just a numbers game at this point. If the Falcons don't at least put him on the practice squad, they're making a mistake.

Then there are the linebackers. Joplo Bartu was downright possessed against the Titans, while Paul Worrilow wasn't. Worrilow was solid, and there's a good chance he's done enough to make this team already. But Bartu! Man, wouldn't it be nice to have a Falcons linebacker that can play in coverage? We were really hurting for linebacking depth going into the offseason, and in an indirect, nontraditional way, the Falcons may have remedied that.

Your thoughts? Which undrafted free agents are leading the pack? Discuss!