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Falcons vs. Titans final score: Atlanta drops third preseason game 27-16

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It was another troublesome night for the Falcons, as they fell to 0-3 for the 2013 preseason, losing to the Titans 27-16 on the road. The starters played for a little over two quarters, but the team couldn't pull itself ahead of the AFC South squad on the night.

The Falcons don't devise game plans for preseason games, so don't be alarmed by the vanilla offensive play-calling. Matt Ryan finished 11-of-19 passing for 138 yards. He failed to find the end zone, but he still looked sharp and in sync with his starting receivers.

Steven Jackson is prepared to have a great year. He rushed for 51 yards on 12 carries and caught three passes for 15 yards. I think it's safe to say we should expect big things from him.

Robert Alford struggled at times. He gave up three touchdowns (the second could be debated, sure), and the Titans made it a point to target him all night. But he came up with a pick in the third quarter, and he broke up a couple passes earlier in the game. Apparently Alford doesn't handle slant routes well. At all.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has an awesome beard. And he busted of a 19-yard run in the fourth quarter. I wish that were a joke.

Ha, good one, Jason.

Dave Choate was also put in Twitter jail. Let's all take a moment of silence to acknowledge his suffrage.

Overall, there are still several areas to improve upon. The regular season hasn't started, though, so don't hit that panic button quite yet. Dave will have a full recap in the morning. For now, what was your impression of the game?