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Falcons vs. Titans: Live Gameday Open Thread

The third preseason game kicks off, and Falcoholics discuss it.

Kevin C. Cox

The Atlanta Falcons take on the Tennessee Titans tonight in preseason action. This is that critical third preseason game, folks, where teams get their last chance to evaluate the guys firmly on the roster bubble.

Watch for the Falcons to give the starters plenty of run to get them warmed up for the regular season, but the second half should belong to the reserves trying to make names for themselves. We wish them all luck.

Look for the Falcons to prioritize getting snaps for the guys they're strongly considering for roster spots into the regular season, which means some of your cult favorites may continue to languish. It's a shame, but it's kind of the way it is.

Watch, follow, track and stalk the game while discussing here!

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