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5 Titans Questions With Music City Miracles!

We asked Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles five reader questions!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles was kind enough to answer five of your questions via the magic of the Interwebs. You'll find his answers below!

Question: Should we expect to see the resurgence of Chris Johnson? Or are his completely dominant days behind him?

Jimmy Morris: Chris Johnson should return to his early career form this season.  He has a really good offensive line in front of him and that should help his confidence.  He isn't going to rush for 2,000 yards again because he is going to get the touches, but we should see his yards per carry creep back close to 5.

Q: What's up with the WR corps? Are they going to get a full season out of Kenny Britt and/or Kendall Wright? Is Justin Hunter going to get some looks?

JM: This wide receiver corps has the chance to be the best the Titans have had, but the two guys that you mentioned, Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright are the big keys.  While Britt is no Julio, he does have the potential to be a dominant receiver in this league.  If he is right defenses have to scheme for him and it makes all of the other guys better.  The problem is he hasn't been right in a while.  He is in a contract year, so if he were ever going to achieve that form this will be the year.  Wright should be good for the start of the season.Q: Who do they see as a breakout player this year that no one is really talking about right now?

As for Justin Hunter, he has all of the potential in the world, but he is inconsistent.  I think he will come on as the year progresses.

Q: With all the investment in the OL (Warmack, Levitre), is that shaping up to be a dominant unit? How is that chemistry coming along?

JM: They have looked dominant in the run game in the first two preseason games.  Mike Munchak wants the run game to be the bread and butter of the offense- so far so good.

The chemistry has been really good considering David Stewart has missed a lot of camp, Chance Warmack signed late and they still haven't settled on the starting center.

Q: Who do they see as a breakout player this year that no one is really talking about right now?

JM: On offense Taylor Thompson is a guy to watch.  He played defensive end in college but is playing for tight end for the Titans.  He has outstanding physical attributes but just needs to put it all together.

This defense is so bad that anyone who can make a tackle could be considered a breakout player.

Q:  What are some realistic expectations for this years Titans? Especially in a tough AFC South?

JM: This looks like an 8-8 team to me.  They have a tough draw with the NFC West, and as you mentioned, the division is pretty tough.