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Mike Smith's Falcons Coaching Job Is Safe In 2013

The odds are very much against Mike Smith getting a pink slip this season.


All across the SBN football landscape, we're considering the odds that head coaches will be fired this year. Because Mike Smith is the coach of the Falcons, this doesn't require a lot of agonizing thought on my part.

So: There's a non-zero chance that Smitty could be fired in 2013, in the same way that there's a non-zero chance that an asteroid teeming with alien squid could crashland in the middle of Canada. It's just not particularly likely unless this seasons unfolds in horror movie fashion, with Arthur Blank and Thomas Dimitroff determining that Smith is to blame for it.

Considering the Falcons are early playoff favorites again, that the roster is loaded with talent and the division (while loaded with talent) is still in flux, that kind of collapse seems more than a little unlikely. That's what it would take for Smitty to lose his job, and even that might not be enough. He's loved by most players on the team, he's an extremely solid coach across the board and he's had another year to learn from some of the mistakes he's made in regards to clock management and short yardage in the past.

What do you think of Smith's job security?

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