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Tony Gonzalez Makes his Triumphant Return to Training Camp, is Still Awesome

Fact: Tony Gonzalez once made a weeping willow laugh.

Kevin C. Cox

Tony Gonzalez made his triumphant return to training camp today, and guess what? He didn't miss a beat! Not at all shocking, but still good to hear. I'm glad he took his family time.

I'll be honest, I had no doubts about this plan. Gonzo has earned the right to get himself in shape. He's, ya know, the greatest to ever play his position. I'm quite sure he will duplicate last year's production, but I'm particularly excited to see how he influences Levine Toilolo.

Chase Coffman has had his fair share of Gonzo face time. Toilolo, on the other hand, could really use a healthy dose of Gonzo. It seems like a lot of the criticism directed at him so far is football knowledge-related. Sure, he's not used to playing in the slot. And sure, the NFL game is faster than the college game. But what he really needs is some calculated veteran influence.

Your thoughts?