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Paul Worrilow Still Leading Undrafted Free Agent Pack

Fact: Paul Worrilow tells milk when, and if, to expire.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Worrilow has draftable talent, but lucky for us, he went undrafted. Lucky for us, Thomas Dimitroff and his merry band of scouts zeroed in on Worrilow, offered to bring him aboard, and he accepted. Fast forward a few months, and what we have is an undrafted free agent with a real chance to make this team. Heck, we have an undrafted free agent that could supplant a veteran and see significant snaps in the regular season.

While Worrilow didn't rack up double-digit tackles in week two of the preseason, he still hasn't stopped impressing. A sack, a forced fumble that should have been, a quarterback hit, flying around the field like a boss - I like what I'm seeing, as should you.

To be sure, the Falcons have other, very capable undrafted free agents fighting for a roster spot. Joplo Bartu is someone the Falcons really like; and what's not to like? A Falcons linebacker that can play in coverage? Who'd have thunk it?! Ronnie Wingo keeps running people over, and Ryan Schraeder gives awesome hugs.

But that said, Worrilow stands out. He stands out, first and foremost, because of his play. But he also stands out because of his work ethic and humility. The guy came into camp with a reputation as a leader who works tirelessly. He's shown nothing but humble ambition since his arrival. Granted, these are qualities any rookie should exhibit. Worrilow really is making it hard on the Falcons though; he's basically forcing their hand. And that's why he's the leader of the pack.

Your thoughts?