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Report: Roddy White Has Low Ankle Sprain, Should Be Good For Regular Season

Nothing official yet, but it appears the veteran stud receiver dodged a bullet.

Kevin C. Cox

When Roddy White limped off the field on Thursday night, there was a worried buzz throughout the Falconverse. It's understandable, since White is so integral to this offense and losing him because of a preseason game injury would have been borderline catastrophic.

It's not official from the team or the man himself, but the reliable Ian Rapoport at has a report that should ease those fears.

If this is accurate, the Falcons dodged a major bullet here. They'll likely sit Roddy for the rest of the preseason to let his ankle heal up and try to get him ready to go for the start of the season, which is what I'd like them to consider doing with most of the starters starting next week anyways.

No word yet on Martel Moore, who injured a rib in last night's game, however.

Given that White's never missed a regular season game, this particular injury isn't likely to cost him the first week against the hated Saints, but stay tuned for more.

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