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Falcons vs. Ravens: Preseason Game Open Thread

The Falcons and Ravens meet in Week 2 of preseason action.

Kevin C. Cox

The first preseason game gave us laughter, tears and mass panic. This second one, featuring the Falcons against the Ravens in Baltimore, will give us another chance to evaluate this team.

The Falcons and Ravens have had a fairly lopsided preseason rivalry of late, with the Ravens winning most, though the Falcons did narrowly take the last acutal season matchup. What's kind of neat about this game is, like the Bengals matchup just a week ago, it gives us a chance to see a team the Falcons just might possibly play if they make it all the way, which I'm now not allowed to speak of any more.

As always, remember it's preseason, and let's have some fun with it. I'll be watching to see how the starters, Dominique Davis, the offensive line, the young defensive ends, the linebackers and the secondary fare, or basically the whole team.

Talk about the game here! We'll have a new thread at halftime.