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Levine Toilolo Just Taking it One Day at a Time

Fact: Levine Toilolo once wore a green shirt whilst he was jolly

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The addition of Levine Toilolo was really a compromise solution. Tony Gonzalez's farewell tour kicks off shortly, and when he's gone, the Falcons will need to fill that void. But he's not gone yet. The Falcons have time to groom their tight end of the future. And that's why they waited until the middle of the draft to go and get him.

“I’m just trying to progress not just week to week, but every day,” Toilolo said. “I’m trying to eliminate the mistakes I make or the errors and make them a one-time thing. That’s right now what I’m focusing on and trying to build on limiting mistakes day to day and get better that way.”

Keep in mind, Toilolo missed OTAs in their entirety. He was busy graduating from Stanford. Schmuck. But now he's trying to make up for time lost. It's not an easy transition, to be sure, but it's one he's willing to navigate. The fact that he took the most snaps at tight end during the Bengals game is telling. It suggests the coaches are eager to get him repetitions. He lacks for nothing physically, but if he wants to be a real option in the passing game, his game will need to evolve. First, he's not used to playing in the slot. Second, he's in the NFL now, not only is the Falcons' offense more complicated than Stanford's, he's playing against better competition.

I'll be honest, at times Toilolo looked lost against the Bengals. It's very apparent he's a work in progress. Meanwhile, Chase Coffman is doing his best to resemble a serviceable back up. He's making it hard on Toilolo, and I see nothing wrong with that.

Your thoughts?