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Julio Jones Will Terrorize The Ravens Thursday

Julio Jones will indeed play in the second preseason game.

Bob Levey

Behold, the findings of the Internet!!

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>“<a href="">@theseangray</a>: <a href="">@AJCFalcons</a> Happy belated D...will Julio play in the second preseason game?” &lt;-Yes</p>&mdash; D. Orlando Ledbetter (@AJCFalcons) <a href="">August 13, 2013</a></blockquote>

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I don't know what "Happy belated D" means, but I have a feeling it's not appropriate for this family-friendly blog.

In any case, Julio will be playing in the second preseason game. What does this mean for the Falcons and Ravens?

Well, for the Falcons, it means The Great One has returned for Bird Bowl .5, and he will victimize the purple and black. It also means the O/U for the Falcons margin of victory has gone from 7.5 to 854.5.

For the Ravens, it means more nightmares about Falcons wide receivers. Who could forget the catch to end the Thursday Night game a few years ago?

Anyway, join us in celebrating the return of Julio Jones to the football field, and let's hope his hamstrings stay loose.