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Sean Weatherspoon Returns to Practice, Unlikely to Play Until Tennessee Game

Fact: the contents of Sean Weatherspoon's tacos refuse to fall out.

Kevin C. Cox

He's baaaaaaaaaaaack. Just one week after a gruesome dislocation, Sean Weatherspoon was back on the practice field today.

Falcons coach Mike Smith said Weatherspoon likely won't make his preseason debut until next week at Tennessee.

Weatherspoon left practice on Aug. 5 with a dislocated left finger that had an open wound. He was limited in participation on Monday with two fingers taped heavily together under a protective glove.

I'm partial to the Falcons' approach here. Good call all around. First, at this point in the season, it's wise to take all the time Spoon (or any other player that matter) needs to recover. Take it slow, be deliberate with his reps, and everybody avoid his left hand like the plague. Second, in the interim, get these UDFA linebackers as involved as possible, because sooner or later, one or two of them will need to go. And we don't want to send the wrong one packing.

Your thoughts?