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The Greatest Atlanta Falcons Strength: The Passing Game

The Falcons passing attack has a chance to be legendary.

Kevin C. Cox

As we roll into the second week of preseason, I wanted to take a moment to talk about where the Falcons will be strongest this year. While you could mount a decent case for any number of units, the answer's easy: It's the passing game.

The Falcons this year will have a still-improving Matt Ryan at quarterback. He'll be throwing to one definite Hall of Famer in Tony Gonzalez, two of the best receivers in the league in Julio Jones and Roddy White and a pretty great pass-catching back in Steven Jackson. That's not even mentioning Harry Douglas, Chase Coffman, Drew Davis and Jacquizz Rodgers, all of whom are legitimate options in their own right.

This won't be the best passing offense of all-time—last year, the Falcons were sixth in overall yardage and fourth in passer rating, so you can't expect them to go #1 and #1 just because—but it might be the best one of the Falcons have ever had. If Atlanta's going to make a Super Bowl run, it's going to do so with a decent running attack, and opportunistic defense and one hell of a passing attack.

That's what I expect to be the team's biggest strength. How about you?

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