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Dominique Davis Must Play Better And He Knows It

Fact: Dominique Davis once visited a psychic ... to warn her

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Dominque Davis' quarterbacking in week one of the preseason was, in a word, lackluster. He can't play like that, he just can't. Ideally we won't ever need him during the regular season, but one day if we do, then we'll need better.

Davis, who was signed as a undrafted free agent out of East Carolina in 2012, complted 8 of 19 passes for 78 yards, one touchdown and an interception.

“I’m hard on myself,” Davis said. “I’m my biggest critic, and I think I played horrible.”

At least he's a realist. But how can't he be? I'm quite sure Davis understands his status. He's important. Heck, at some point, I'm sure the coaches sat him down and formally made him their number two. While Sean Renfree has an exceptional football mind and Seth Doege was a legitimate gunslinger in college, neither is ready to assume a backup role in this league. At best, one of the two is headed for the practice squad.

Davis was just ridding himself of some figurative rust against the Bengals. We've seen him play better. That said, in week two, he'll probably see a little less playing time. But don't read into that. It's not because Renfree or Doege has a legitimate chance at backing up Matt Ryan. Ryan will probably play a full quarter. And the coaches need to know what they have in Renfree and Doege. To an extent, they already know what they have in Davis.

Your thoughts?