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Don't Expect the Falcons to Select Any Players in this Thursday's Supplemental Draft

Fact: Mike Smith has taught old dogs a variety of new tricks


The supplemental draft is scheduled for this Thursday. In case you're unfamiliar with the supplemental draft, this post from The Phinsider breaks it down. Basically it's an unnecessarily theatrical, kooky process that resembles the NBA lottery and eventually ends in a blind bidding process that loses your team a draft pick in the next year's draft if you "win" a player.

While we're at it, did I mention only six players are included in this year's supplemental draft? None of the eligible players are must-have caliber. If anything, the Falcons may eye one of the two receivers, Purdue WR O.J. Ross and Houston WR DeWayne Peace. I personally just like Peace because his last name is Peace, but make no mistake, the Falcons won't give up anything but a late round pick for either player. Why? Because teams don't rely on the supplemental draft. It's an occasional means to an end, but it primarily features players who aren't welcome at their respective alma maters.

Players have to apply to enter the supplemental draft to gain a special exception by the league. Although it was once a vehicle for graduated players to go pro early (Bernie Kosar in 1985), the supplemental draft now often features castaways with character red flags.

Don't expect the Falcons to make any additions Thursday. It just wouldn't be prudent.