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Atlanta church continues to delay Falcons stadium progress

If someone offered you $15.5 million for your property, would you take it? If you said yes, you probably don't attend Friendship Baptist Church.

Chris Graythen

The Atlanta Falcons are attempting to move forward in the efforts to construct a new stadium, but one local church still stands in their way. Friendship Baptist Church initially asked for a higher price than what the city was willing to pay. Now they're raising concerns about alcohol within the church's vicinity.

Plans have been revised to fit the new stadium next to the church without having to purchase the property, according to a report from Atlanta Daily World. The church isn't letting them get off that easy, though.

In the state of Georgia, alcohol cannot be sold within 100 yards of a church. The board chairman at Friendship Baptist is believes the Falcons stadium would violate this ordinance. Of course he does.

Atlanta has offered $15.5 million for the church to relocate. They came back with a counteroffer of $24.5 million. Fulton County tax records show their property is worth over $1.2 million. So, essentially, they want a little over 20 times their estimated value.

Friendship Baptist wants to play hardball, but if the Falcons find a way to accommodate current space without purchasing their property, the church is out of luck. Hopefully this will lead to an agreement soon. The aforementioned report from Atlanta Daily World said the two sides will meet again next week.

Basically, everyone's having a good time. What's your take on the situation/organized religion? (Just kidding, please no religious debates, that could go on forever.)