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You Make the Call: Who is the Falcons' Most Underrated Player?

Fact: when it rains outside, it's because Jason Snelling is thinking of something sad

Sam Greenwood

We all have our favorite Falcons, and we're all familiar with the Falcons who draw the most praise. Guys like Matt Ryan and Roddy White are the faces of this franchise. You don't even have to be a Falcons fan to drool over them.

But what about those lesser-known role players? I'm talking about the guys who won't command an awe-inspiring contract in free agency. They're the guys who may have gone undrafted. They're the guys who are just happy to be in the NFL but do their jobs solidly anyway.

I'm talking about guys like Kroy Biermann, Robert McClain, and Jason Snelling. These guys have carved out a comfortable niche with a great franchise. They're happy with their situation, and we're happy they're here. It's a great situation for all the parties involved.

Now I'll turn this over to you. I'm curious to read your thoughts. This of course assumes you're not blitzed on Bud Heavy running around your front yard in red, white, and blue speedo. Buting do YOU think is the most underrated Falcon?