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Another Reason Why The Falcons Are First-Class

Hope you're all busy celebrating 'Merica.


Happy 4th, Falcoholics.

Since today is a day of festivity in which we shamelessly celebrate ourselves by consuming lots of hot dogs or perhaps imbibing adult beverages, what better to read than a story worth celebrating.

I came across this on Reddit's NFL page, and it goes something like this: a longtime Falcons fan passes away. Folks in the Falcons organization catch wind of this happening, and soon after they ship a Mike Smith signed football and a Sean Weatherspoon signed picture to the family in question.





It wasn't necessary or probably even expected, but it was just another example of why the Falcons are a great organization that is consistently able to connect with its avid fan base.

And Smitty, for all the coach-speak laden press conferences he holds, and for how tight-lipped he is about certain things within the organization, is a clearly great guy who understands what's really important to the fans.

We hope you stay safe and enjoy the festivities, even if it is raining. And as always, go Falcons!