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Fourth Of July Grillin' With The Falcoholic: Strawberry Sriracha Chicken

A grill recipe for Falcons fans on the Fourth of July.


Well, Falcons fans, chances are good that you're grilling today. If you want to supplement the burgers, dogs and ribs, or you just want to impress everyone by pronouncing "sriracha" correctly, I've got a recipe for you!

Start with four whole chicken breasts (or thighs, wings, live chickens...I don't judge). Wash 'em, pat 'em dry and set them aside for just a minute. You're then going to take roughly a cup of sriracha and a large fistful of strawberries, add in a little pepper and lemon juice, and blend those sucker for probably about 15-20 seconds.

Place the chicken in sealable bags with the mixture for about an hour to let it soak it up, and then grill over high heat, flipping once for a grand total of about 8-10 minutes. If you like spice, add some more sriracha to the finished chicken and garnish with slices of poblano pepper. Serve with a a cold, summery beer and congratulate yourself on making something easy and delicious.

Got recipes to share for your fellow Falcoholics?