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Falcon UDFA Cornerback Saeed Lee Injured At Training Camp

The injury appeared to be serious.

Daniel Shirey

The Atlanta Falcons are intent on avoiding the injury bug that has been hitting numerous NFL training camps—Percy Harvin's devastating hip injury springs to mind for the Seahawks—but you can't entirely escape it.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Falcons have a few banged-up players. Bradie Ewing and Antone Smith are both out for the next 5-10 days with injuries that are currently unspecified. I'll assume they were injured fighting crime.

The more serious and unfortunate injury appears to have happened to Saeed Lee, who had to be carried off the practice field yesterday. The rookie UDFA cornerback was competing for a job this summer, of course, but a significant injury would knock him out for the off-season and potentially the season. That's an especially devastating blow for someone who is at best a fringe roster candidate to begin with, so all we can do is wish him well.

Cross your fingers for Lee.