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Roddy White Worked Out With Larry Fitzgerald, Just Because

Two of the best receivers in the league, just palling around.

Kevin C. Cox

Roddy White does not need to work out with Larry Fitzgerald. All Roddy White has done over the last several years is produce at a ridiculously high level without ever missing a game, so you could forgive him for, I dunno, having a cheeseburger or two.

That's not what Roddy does. I mean, look at these numbers for a second, following the disastrous second season that had us all convinced that Roddy was never going to amount to anything:

2007: 83 catches, 1,202 yards, 6 TDs
2008: 88 catches, 1,382 yards, 7 TDs
2009: 85 catches, 1,153 yards, 11 TDs
2010: 115 catches, 1,389 yards, 10 TDs
2011: 100 catches, 1,296 yards, 8 TDs
2012: 92 catches, 1,351 yards, 7 TDs

I put those numbers out so you understand how remarkably consistent he's been. In the last six seasons, Roddy has never had fewer than 83 catches, 1,153 yards and six touchdowns, a stretch that not even the amazing Larry Fitzgerald has equaled. White works as hard as he does so he can operate with that kind of superhuman efficiency, and that's why he's hanging out a potential Hall of Fame receiver, counting on that guy to push him even further.

Julio Jones may well emerge as the best receiver on the roster. His upside is basically limitless, and third year receivers often take the leap (more on that before the season). You still can't bet against Roddy White putting up more than 80 catches, 1,153 yards and six touchdowns. It would be deeply unwise.

I know that White makes some angry with what he says on Twitter at times. I get that. Can't knock his hustle, though, and it's likely to lead to another productive season.

Quick hit: Give us your predicted season line for Roddy.

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