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Dimitroff: Falcons' Salary Cap Space is for Emergencies

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff is the cure for the common cold.


There was a lot of conjecture about what the Falcons would do after Tyson Clabo's contract came off the books, the rookies were signed, and Matt Ryan's new deal came to fruition. The possibilities!

To say there were great expectations is an understatements. Rumors swirled about free agents the Falcons may or may not be interested in. Some suspected Arthur Blank would build a Willy Wonkaesque chocolate factory and invite us all over for a sleepover. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. And it appears the Falcons are saving their approximately 7 million in cap space for emergencies.

Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff, normally guarded about the team’s finances, told Alge Crumpler of the team’s flagship station, 790TheZone, that the Falcons have as much as $7 million in salary cap space. That number is higher than what is reflected in the NFLPA salary cap documents

“There is some room, but we also have to keep in consideration that if injuries come about that we have some money to make sure that we help ourselves if something does come about,” Dimitroff said. “We’re not jumping right in. We’re not jumping in to spend money because we have a few bucks in our pocket right now."

Dimitroff's number doesn't match the NFLPA documents? Interesting. I'm not inclined to question The Comrade, it's just interesting. That said, I think this is a smart play by the Falcons. At this point [knocks on wood] the team is healthy, and the pieces are there. It's just a matter of putting in work and making it happen on the field.

Your thoughts?