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Rise Up Nation Episode 4 Live Thread!

Rise Up Nation goes live with a special training camp edition tonight at 6:30!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone, it's time for another episode of Rise Up Nation! Due to more herp derpery in my life, I had to do the episode tonight instead of Sunday, but it actually works out because if Jeanna joins me like I'm hoping she does, we'll have juicy tidbits from someone who actually went to training camp today.

If you'd like to listen in, click here, or if you can't stream it, call (347) 884-9633

That number will let you listen in. Soon I will start taking actual calls when I can stop changing venues for this show every week. I just drove 220 miles to school before this episode. Woohoo!

Anywho, hope you'll be with us today! Thanks for listening!

Feel free to leave comments or questions in the comment space below and we'll try to get to them.