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Julio Jones, Steven Jackson Impress Early

It's not a surprise that two of the best players in the NFL are showing up early.


Earlier today, I Tweeted out a simple question: Who has been the most impressive player of training camp thus far?

That was a succinct summary of a near-universal consensus: Julio Jones looks even more awesome than he has in years past, likely because he's on the Tony Gonzalez All-Pro diet. Hey, it worked for Tony!

One of the things you'll hear again and again this summer is how impressive Jones is, given his freakish athleticism and hunger to succeed, but it's also true of Steven Jackson. S-Jax is entering the typical decline phase for running backs, but he remains a battering ram of a man.

We would all like to see the defense impress, since that was the bigger question mark coming into 2013. It should surprise no one—and please everyone—that two guys being counted on to seize major responsibilities in this offense are two of the most impressive guys on the practice field.

Your feelings on Jones and S-Jax in the season ahead?