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The Atlanta Falcons UDFA Linebacker Derby

There should be a heated competition for that last linebacker spot.


Let's not mince words: There's going to be a dogfight for that last linebacker spot this summer.

At this point, you have to figure Akeem Dent, Sean Weatherspoon and Stephen Nicholas are stone-cold locks. I've got Robert James and Mike Peterson moving on, so that leaves somewhere between two and three open spots on this roster for linebackers to duke it out. If you assume Brian Banks has one of those—and I do—there's some serious UDFA fights about to happen here.

First up is Patrick Schiller, who was a UDFA last year, stuck with the team all year and has the valuable edge in understanding the defensive scheme. Then you bring on intriguing 2013 UDFAs, including Paul Worrilow, Jopla Bartu and Nick Clancy. One of these guys will definitely make the roster, and two might.

My money's on Schiller and Worrilow at this point. Who do you have, gentle readers?