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Engineering A Scouting Report For The Falcons Defense

What would you do to attack the Falcons' defense, if you were an opposing offensive coordinator?


How would you exploit the Falcon defense?

Unlike the Falcon offense, which is bristling with weapons and difficult to contain for an entire game, the Falcon defense has clearly identifiable weaknesses. They don't rush the passer consistently enough, they're sometimes not physical enough and they can be caught out of position, sometimes badly. It's not a perfect unit.

Still, Mike Nolan gets the best out of these players, and there's a ton of talent here even if the consistency is sometimes missing. Given how opportunistic and potent this D can be, it's not a walk in the park.

With that in mind, i turn it over to you. If you were in charge of attacking the Falcon defense, what weaknesses would you exploit? How would you ensure your offense could take it right to the heart of the D and make life easier for your defense, which has its work cut out for it?

Hit us with your scouting report.