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Dominique Davis Seizing The Backup Job Early

The young quarterback doesn't have a ton of competition.


Dominique Davis is the early favorite for the Atlanta Falcons backup quarterback gig, and it's not hard to understand why.

Davis showed some impressive physical tools and a nice passing arm a year ago in pre-season, which was enough to win a spot on the team. More than that, it was unusually advanced decision-making for a rookie UDFA quarterback that won him accolades, and with Luke McCown hitting the ol' dusty trail, he's the senior candidate for a job.

I'm a big believer in Sean Renfree, and I do think he's going to be a quality backup in this league at some point in the near future. Seth Doege has scattershot accuracy but some upside, too, so there will be a legitimate competition here. Right now, though, Davis has earned the trust of the coaching staff and looks like the easy favorite to back up Ryan. Depending on how much you prize experience versus potential, this is either frightening or encouraging.

The Falcons have traditionally had low-upside players behind Ryan, chiefly Chris Redman. While Redman was more than capable of taking the Falcons through a couple of games without Ryan, he was never going to step up and deliver a team to the playoffs if called upon to do so. There's no guarantee Davis will, either, but he's got a real shot to grow into something.

Weigh in. How are you feeling about backup quarterback coming into 2013?