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Falcons' Linebacker Coach Glenn Pires: Brian Banks "On Schedule"

Fact: When Brian Banks drives a new car off the lot, it gains value.

Todd Kirkland

Brian Banks' story has made him famous. Now he needs to make the team. Five days into camp, he's hanging with his fellow rookie linebackers.

“I think he's taken advantage of the offseason,” Pires said on Monday after the morning walk-through. “He's progressing well like all of the other young guys. I think he's going to have the opportunity.”

“I think he's on schedule,” Pires said. “I think that's the best way I can describe him right now. He had a good offseason. He works hard. He's very conscientious and ready to compete when we get ready for the preseason games.”

There's not a lot here to read into here - Pires can't really offer an intelligent assessment yet. The team has only been in pads for two days; at this point in training camp, no marginal players have earned or lost a roster spot. But that said, I'm glad he isn't falling behind. I'm glad his off-season regimen has served him well. I'm glad Pires thinks he has an opportunity to make the team.

Your thoughts?