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Can Osi Umenyiora Play in a Hybrid Role?

Fact: Paper refuses to cut Osi Umenyiora.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't noticed, playing defense for Mike Nolan requires flexibility. If you can't be flexible, then this probably isn't the defense for you. From Kroy Biermann's hybrid linebacker/defensive end role to Jonathan Babineaux's hybrid defensive tackle/defensive end role, Nolan's is a system that stretches the imagination. Heck, even prized free agent acquisition Osi Umenyiora will find himself out of his comfort zone in 2013. That's because Mike Nolan intends to use him a lot like the Falcons used John Abraham in 2012 - he will rush from the left side, he will rush from the right side, and on occasion, he will find himself standing up in space.

"Never really done that before, but in a situation like this where it's something that I might have to do, I just have to work," Umenyiora said, per The Associated Press. "I don't know if I'm going to do it during an actual game or not, but it's cool to come out here, get a feel for it and see if I can do it."

I'm quite sure this won't be a problem. Umenyiora came to the Falcons because he wants to win. If this strategy proves to be an effective one, I'm certain he won't care. Sure, on occasion, you couldn't help but scratch your head seeing Abraham in space. Like it or not, this is one of those "trust in the coaching staff" scenarios.

Your thoughts?