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Kroy Biermann Drawing Linebacker Snaps In Training Camp

The veteran defensive end is going to show some real versatility in 2013.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

For months now, we've been predicting that Kroy Biermann would play linebacker this season. This was based on more than just speculation, but speculation might have been enough considering the perfect storm of the Falcons adding plenty of defensive end help and doing little at linebacker.

Now we've got some confirmation that the Falcons are serious about this, via Pat Yasinskas:

The speculation that defensive end Kroy Biermann could be used more as a linebacker is more than speculation. Biermann was spending a lot of time at linebacker in the first two days of camp. He’s athletic enough to play in pass coverage and should be able to generate a pass rush from a linebacker position.

Again, this just makes a ton of sense. Malliciah Goodman, Stansly Maponga and Jonathan Massaquoi will all have opportunities to play left defensive end in this defense, and they're perilously thin at outside linebacker. If he can adapt, Biermann will fit nicely at outside linebacker in Mike Nolan's hybrid scheme, and he should be able to play both positions as needed.

This opens up a great opportunity for the young guys at defensive end, and it adds further flexibility to a defense that will need shifting fronts and guys taking one more than one role to continue their improvement over a year ago. If Biermann can be a useful linebacker, that will go a long way.

Your thoughts on Biermann at LB?

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