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Day Two Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Wrap: Nobody Panic

It's way too early to start worrying about Desmond Trufant.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Football fans love overreacting. It's a relatively short season, a relatively long off-season and there's plenty of opportunity for snap judgements. Maybe that's why there were several dozen Falcons fan wringing their hands about Desmond Trufant yesterday.

Let's be clear: Trufant got burned deep by Roddy White and Julio Jones. Robert Alford looked better. That holds an alluring amount of significance for those who didn't want to see Trufant to the Falcons, but it really doesn't matter much. Jones is an elite receiver, and so is White. Trufant is a rookie getting his first one-on-one drills against actual competition at the NFL level. He's going to be fine.

Remember this during the next practices if Malliciah Goodman blows by Lamar Holmes a few times, or Steven Jackson trucks over Travian Robertson. These things will happen as these guys find their footing, and just because two professional football players matching up can give us a wide range of outcomes.

Your thoughts on camp so far?